Ghostwriting FAQ’s

Is ghostwriting ethical?

Ghostwriting as a professional service is perfectly ethical if done in the right way. A ghostwriter takes your expertise and translates it into content that reflects your voice, as if you were writing it yourself. Paying for ghostwriting enables you to use this content for your business.

How is business ghostwriting different from copywriting?

Copywriting is a term often used to describe the creative writing processes for businesses. Large firms may employ multiple copywriters for technical, creative or marketing projects. Ghostwriting for business may include copywriting tasks. However, the primary difference is that ghostwriting includes a personal perspective to showcase business expertise.

Is it right to publish a ghostwritten article under my name?

It will depend on the agreement with your ghostwriter, but generally, yes. It’s your expertise that the content is created from, after all, and you’re paying the ghostwriter to create the article for you. Usually ghostwriters only request their name to be listed for larger projects such as biographies and published books.

Doesn’t the ghostwriter want credit?

It may go against the normal way of thinking, considering just about everyone these days wants to be famous. Ghostwriters in general do not mind the lack of limelight. Of course they want recognition in some form and the best way to do this is to refer business their way, or when someone compliments you on a well written article to admit a professional ghostwriter wrote it for you.

Won’t customers think I’m being fake if someone else is ghostwriting for me?

If the quality is high and the content is accurate and of value, a ghostwritten article can actually gain more respect from your peers, because it showcases your expertise. Chances are they’ll also recognise your wisdom in outsourcing tasks that a ghostwriter can do better.

Is hiring a ghostwriter expensive?

Compared to hiring a full time copywriter, a ghostwriter is relatively inexpensive because you only pay for specific tasks or hours worked. It is also flexible, in that you can commission bigger sections of work when you can afford to or have a specific business project.

How can a ghostwriter write from authority when they don’t know my industry?

An experienced senior ghostwriter is adept at conducting research and extracting your expertise in a way that is most convenient for you. Whether its through interviewing, audio recordings, reviewing resources or using notes provided, within a short space of time, they will be able to create accurate content.

How does business ghostwriting work?

Ghostwriting is about putting your expertise into words, by contracting the help of a professional business writer. A key element of success is a close working relationship where the ghostwriter has access to relevant information in your business. This may be in the form of written materials or interviews with you or key employees. While initially there may be an industry learning curve, an experienced ghostwriter will be able to quickly adapt their work according to the project specs.