Client Feedback – Writing Process

Cherrywrite Clients - writing process

Client Feedback – Writing process:

“Cherelle’s work is outstanding – she just ‘gets’ what I want and delivers high quality writing consistently. If you want a writer who is highly professional, intelligent, business minded and delivers on time fantastic work, then Cherelle’s your woman!” – Nicky Coffin – UK

“It was an absolute wonderful experience working with Cherelle. She asks great questions which help me think through the writing process. Her question took my fuzzy thoughts and made them VERY CLEAR. Additionally, she delivered AHEAD of schedule which was an added bonus. I have no reservations recommending Cherelle & will hire again for future projects.” – Clarence Stowers, Mars Hill Church, Chicago, USA.

“Pro-active and hard working contractor.” – Ben Botes,, South Africa

“Thank you!!! More work heading your way.” – Wes Crokely, Texas  USA

“Love working with Cherelle. Great writer that knows how to emotionally connect with an audience.” Karletta Dionysiou, Australia.

“Cherelle has provided me with a fantastic Bio that has made quite a few prospective clients sit up and take notice. It has also helped me secure clients for business opportunities. I would HIGHLY recommend Cherelle for any writing work that you would require.” – Warren Pearson, South Africa.

“Cherelle wrote my Bio, within 5 mins of sending it to a recruitment officer, I received a call saying they wanted to see my full CV. Recently in 2012, Cherelle updated my CV, shortly after that I was shortlisted for a fabulous position that I have since accepted.” – Nicole Gussenhoven, South Africa.

“Cherelle was very professional and communicated very well during the process of our project. I highly recommend her services.” – Bec Hawkins, Australia

“Cherelle helped make the job so smooth and easy – I would highly recommend her for her professionalism, timely production and commitment to get the job done to satisfaction! I’ll be using Cherelle again! :) ” – Bec Hawkins, Australia

“Cherelle is a talented writer and really aims to understand your project so that rewrites are not always necessary. I would work with her again.” – Senmas Worldwide, Las Vegas, USA.

“Once again I’m very satisfied working with Cherelle. We worked together on a previous project and I hired her again without going through the bidding process. That’s how satisfied and comfortable I am with her work, communication, and professionalism. Additionally, she was able to take my scattered thoughts and make sense of them. I will not hesitate to hire her again and I look forward to working with her in the very near future. ” Clarence Stowers, Mars Hill Church, Chicago, USA.

“Was a great experience! Knew how to interpret my requests and bring a great finished product to the table in the end. Delivery was exactly what the proposal had indicated overall writing process very professional. Will definitely be using her again for future copy writing.” Ken Toews, HKM, Vancouver, Canada.

“First Blog was not exactly what I was after but Cherelle insisted on a Skype conversation which was a wise move. Her updated blog is a lot closer to the feel and style I am after for the business. I will use Cherelle’s services again and am happy with the progress and writing process. Her communication is very good also. Thanks Cherelle – talk again soon :) ” – Ben Stanton, S4Solar, New Zealand.

“Within a couple of interviews Cherelle was able to nail the objective of my article request and come back with a comprehensive coverage of subject matter requiring almost no changes. Excellent work with a very positive nature.” George Sabados, Melbourne, Australia.

“Both professional and personable. Does a great job” – Owen Self,, Australia/ Japan.

“Thanks Cherelle _ for your great work once again!” Client Magnets – Ireland.

“Cherelle is an excellent writer and very easy to work with, I would not hesitate in recommending her to other businesses. Thanks for your hard work for us Cherelle.” – Kathi Fowler Director, Australia.

“Great work Cherelle. Your work is of exceptional quality. ” – Francis Barram, Ensight, Australia

“Cherelle is in every way the consummate professional. She delivers the brief exactly when she says. Does her research. Speaks in the voice I want. Changes anything that I seek. I have committed immediately to a third project with her. Highly recommended.” Neville Christie, CEO Mentor, Melbourne, Australia.

“Cherelle is a consummate professional, her writing process, style and assessment of the target audience was impeccable.” – Francis Barram, Ensight, Australia.

“Very happy with work. Cherelle has done a wonderful job. Thank you.” – Andy Sacker, Freedom4U, United Kingdom.

“Cherelle is a very skilled and meticulous writer who has fulfilled my brief beyond what I had expected. I will use her services again.” – Neville Christie, CEO Mentor, Melbourne, Australia

“I have found Cherelle to be excellent at negotiating and forming a writing style to satisfy the customers wants. I would recommend giving her the chance to win your work.” – Kathi Fowler,, Australia.

“Cherelle had a very difficult brief to take my material, extend it, add new material and stories and yet keep with my writing style. I am unbelievably happy with what Cherelle has written and how. She captured all the elements I wanted. The stories and dialogue are terrific. The whole piece flows. it is fast! She incorporated the shifts in emphasis I asked for beautifully. Even though the to-ing and fro-ing I demanded were onerous Cherelle willing worked with them and kept me informed of progress all the time. Overall Fantastic. A job most excellently done. I have a big smile on my face. Any changes are just a word here and there. I have never been happier to pay. And have asked Cherelle to continue on the next series of tasks.” – Neville Christie, CEO Mentor, Australia.

“Brilliant Work as usual Cherelle! Hope to see you in the New Year!” – Client Magnets, Ireland.

“Excellent work and A pleasure to work with. ” Paul BC, Los Angeles, USA.

“Nice work. A good team member. Very pleasant to work with.” – Michael Ship, Seattle, USA.

“Cherelle is a superb communicator. Very timely work and excellent results.” – Aron Solomon, Vancouver, Canada.

“Ensures she gets a real understanding of the client and desired outcome. Great Writer” – Jenny Flintoff, United Kingdom.

“Will use her again in near future – very easy to work with.” – Penchas Dental, USA.

“Cherelle is an excellent writer; great interpretation of the brief and delivered a great result within a tight timeframe.” – Jenny Flintoff, United Kingdom.

“Great quality, prompt, responsive and fast. Couldn’t ask for more and definitely recommended.” – Alan, Travel Articles, USA.

“Very responsible. I am very happy with her overall performance. Thank you very much!” Gareth Hayes, Transeam, China.

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