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Cherelle Leong - Web content writer

Long before Cherelle became a full time writer she was creating web content. She wrote instinctively, considering what her audience would want to know and find interesting. Before keywords and SEO became important, Cherelle knew what it meant to create engaging web content.

Cherelle is a passionate, energetic entrepreneur and business ghostwriter. Her people oriented approach to business is reflected in her web content writing style. No matter how technical the subject, her copy is always easy to read and understand. Cherelle has an instinctive ability to identify and connect with a target audience. The result is web content that showcases you and your business in a way that makes people want to buy from you.

From Web Content to Business Books

Cherelle has worked full time as a business ghostwriter since 2008 primarily creating web content, blog articles and reports. In the past 2 years Cherelle has ghostwritten 6 books in various business niche’s, helping her clients to raise their professional profiles. She enjoys research and constantly seeks to expand her knowledge. Cherelle has been a member of Social Media Examiner social networking clubs since 2012. Through this and other resources, Cherelle has developed a knowledge of social media strategies and how they impact the creation of web content. This is to add even greater value to clients.

Cherelle has built her writing career by consistently delivering high quality web content and copy, on time, and according to spec. She has a global client base which includes Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada and South Africa. To find out what clients thing of her ability to create compelling web content click here to view client feedback.

Does your web content sell your business? Does your website need a revamp? When last did you update your web content and inject some personality into it?

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